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JUNE 29, 2019, [SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO] -- The PFA Institute will send co-founder and CEO, Riya Kataria, to the International Congress of Youth Voices to meet with other young teen writers and activists as well as more established writers, activists and elected officials from around the world to discuss topics at the forefront of our society today. The PFA Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in which students are provided with the resources and tools to create an impact in their local and national communities. The PFA Institute was founded after recognizing that advocacy and civic engagement spaces are often restricted in accessibility, and aims to combat that with the purpose of cultivating the next generation of trailblazers and changemakers. Riya Kataria is a co-founder and CEO of the PFA Institute. A rising senior in high school, Kataria endeavors to create tangible change through her speaking, writing, and leadership work. She aims to major in political science and establish a career in politics someday. ABOUT THE EVENT Now in its second year, the International Congress of Youth Voices will take place August 7 through 10, 2019 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Congress will unite 150 students, most of them between the ages of 16 and 20, hailing from countries all over, including: Afghanistan, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Nepal, Palestine, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, and the United States. “There is no more important time to celebrate young people who are fighting for what they believe in, have a vision for a more fair and just world, and bring creativity to their storytelling,” said Amanda Uhle, a co-founder of the International Congress of Youth Voices with author Dave Eggers. “We look forward to fostering collaborations and inspirations in Puerto Rico this August.” Student delegates were chosen based on their commitment to leadership and social justice and their passion and eloquence as writers. They will attend at no cost. The event is designed to provide a path to leadership for all delegates. The chosen delegate roster for 2019 represents a continuum from students who have exhibited potential in local writing and tutoring programs to writers and activists who have already made notable achievements at a very young age. Politics of the world affect young people as much as anyone else, and they have little to no voice as major decisions are made. The Congress was founded as a means to amplify their ideas and energy and to unite young people for a weekend of collaboration. For more information, please visit To take part as a sponsor, volunteer, or partner organization, please email co-founder Amanda Uhle,