We provide access for empowered youth to create tangible change. 


The PFA Institute was founded in 2017 as Picket Fence Academy, a competitive speech and debate education coaching organization. Picket Fence Academy saw great success, receiving honors such as top 2 in California and recognition in publications such as Urban Asian. However, Picket Fence Academy's audience started gaining more diversity in ideas, people, and needs. Eventually, we knew it was time for a change.

The PFA Institute was born.


The PFA Institute provides resources and opportunities to young changemakers with the purpose of increasing civic engagement and creating accessibility.

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The PFA Institute operates through local student coalitions across the nation, organized into chapters. We provide all the resources and tools necessary to implement real-life change in their local and national communities.

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The PFA Institute is home to The Future Incubator, a localized three-year mentorship program that provides resources and mentors for students to pursue a passion project that serves both their local and national communities. 

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The PFA Institute provides leadership programs and seminars for schools and other various programs. These are designed to provide a small course on how students can make a change in their own communities through hands-on work.

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The PFA Institute offers multiple digital fellowships for students who may not have access to a chapter nearby. These fellowships are typically focused on one specific facet of our program, whether it be social justice, STEM, or other community service ventures.