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Frequently asked questions


How can I start a PFA Institute chapter in my community?

To get involved with the PFA Institute and start a chapter, learn more and reach out to us here. We'll review your application and put you in contact with our Director of Chapters and your state director.

How can I enroll my child into a PFA Institute chapter?

To enroll you or a child in the PFA Institute, please visit this page to learn more and find a chapter near you. If there is no chapter near you, reach out to us here, and we'll work our hardest to establish one there.

I want to get involved in my local chapter, but I don't know how to reach out. Any clue?

Yes! Find and email your local State Director here and ask them for further information. We're always looking for people to get involved.

I want to become a mentor for the PFA Institute. How can I sign up?

We're always looking for mentors, so if you'd like to sign up, please do so here. We'll get back to you in 3-5 business days.


How can I request PFA Institute to host a seminar at my school?

For seminars, please go here. After you fill out the form, the PFA Institute will reach out to schedule a more comprehensive discussion where we'll decide on date, time, location, and provide a custom quote. Please note that, currently, the PFA Institute is only hosting seminars in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What are PFA seminars?

The PFA Institute hosts seminars at schools and similar educational institutions with the purpose of increasing public speaking and leadership skills. Instructors are internationally-ranked student speakers and leaders who follow the core PFA concepts of passion, foundation, and action. Through these seminars, students will learn how to speak their minds, lead a group, and impact their community. These seminars last anywhere from two hours to two months, as the PFA Institute will work will you to meet your needs. Please note that the PFA Institute currently only offers seminars in the San Francisco Bay Area. More information can be found here.


Who can I contact for legal inquiries?

For legal inquiries, please reach out to

Who can I contact for press and interview inquiries?

To inquire about press and other interview inquiries, please email

Who can I contact for partnership/sponsorship inquiries?

To inquire about partnerships and/or sponsorships, please email

Who can I contact for general inquiries?

For general inquiries, please email or fill out the contact form below.


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