Advocacy ought to be accessible for everyone. We make sure of it.


We make sure everyone has the opportunity to partake in local and national activism

The PFA Institute offers fellowships that are directly focused on a certain facet of work, such as within areas of STEM for social good, social justice, decreasing political polarization, and more. These fellowships typically last anywhere between three to six months and allow for passionate students to join a cohort of like-minded individuals. Each cohort receives personalized mentorship and leadership training so as to allow them to scale their passion projects to the national community.


We recognize that accessibility is an issue in many communities regarding advocacy and civic engagement. That's why our fellowships are completely digital. Every student has the right to a voice in the movements that affect them directly, so we make sure that students who don't have a chapter in their local community have access to our resources regardless. Because in the end, every student deserves to be heard.



Learn more about specific fellowships, apply to one, and meet our current fellows


The Justice Fellowship is a digital mentorship program that focuses on students whose work centers around social justice, politics, and related ventures. The Justice Fellowship is open to all students aged 13-18 who are based in the United States 

STEMinist Fellowship

The STEMinist Fellowship is a digital mentorship program that works to empower young women in their passion for STEM and adjacent fields. We match them up with mentors so they can work on a project that uses STEM for social good.