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The PFA Institute works to increase access to advocacy and increase civic engagement through its student-led chapters around the nation.


The roots of a movement

PFA chapters thrive off of the PFA Institute's three central values: passion, foundation, and action. This is where students of all different ages, backgrounds, and experiences unite to improve their community.  PFA chapters all around the nation are working to make their communities a better place, and the PFA Institute is helping them accomplish their goals.

A advocacy-centered curriculum

The PFA Institute aims to cultivate the next generation of changemakers and trailblazers through an advocacy-centered curriculum. Our core belief is that, no matter what one aims to achieve, a strong foundation in activism and advocacy isn't just beneficial; it's necessary. That's why many of our core team members have multiple years of experience in activist spaces, and why the PFA Institute always centers the essential lessons of its chapters around the fundamentals of advocacy. 



The PFA Institute provides opportunities for the creation and cultivation of young trailblazers and changemakers.


The Future Incubator

The Future Incubator is an intensive three-year mentorship and leadership education program for middle and high-school students. The Future Incubator is hosted at local chapters, with students starting the program anywhere from the 7th to 10th grade. Through the Future Incubator, students learn basic public speaking skills, the essentials of advocacy, and pursue a passion project with mentors in their chosen area of expertise. Whether they're research-based or service projects, STEM or advocacy, individual or in a team, students work to pursue their passions through their projects, and ultimately, better their communities. To join, contact a local chapter.


The Leader Incubator

The Leader Incubator is a national group of students selected from each state to represent their different backgrounds and passions. Each student is picked from their local Future Incubator program, and in the Leader Incubator, continues to work on their passion project. Students in the Leader Incubator serve as an example for chapters all over the nation, and receive mentorship from acclaimed mentors as well as a network of dedicated students from different states around the nation. Students are chosen for the Leader Incubator through nominations from local chapter leaders and state directors, as well as an application and interview process.


From two hours to two months, the PFA Institute hosts individual seminars for students and schools


An experience for students and teachers alike

The PFA Institute hosts seminars at schools and similar educational institutions with the purpose of increasing public speaking and leadership skills. Instructors are internationally-ranked student speakers and leaders who follow the core PFA concepts of passion, foundation, and action. Through these seminars, students will learn how to speak their minds, lead a group, and impact their community, all within their skill sets.


These seminars range from a single two-hour meeting to weekly meetings over the course of two months, as the PFA Institute will work will you to meet your needs. We work with all ages, calibers, and types of students, and we will work closely with you to create a curriculum that suits both you and the needs of your students. We'll review everything before.


To request a quote, fill out the form below. Please note that, at this time, the PFA Institute only offers seminars in the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding areas (expanding soon).




The PFA Institute offers digital fellowships for students who don't have access to a chapter in their local community.

Our national digital mentorship program

The PFA Institute offers fellowships that are directly focused on a certain facet of work, such as within areas of STEM for social good, social justice, decreasing political polarization, and more. These fellowships typically last anywhere between three to six months and allow for passionate students to join a cohort of like-minded individuals. Each cohort receives personalized mentorship and leadership training so as to allow them to scale their passion projects to the national community.


We recognize that accessibility is an issue in many communities regarding advocacy and civic engagement. That's why our fellowships are completely digital. Every student has the right to a voice in the movements that affect them directly, so we make sure that students who don't have a chapter in their local community have access to our resources regardless. Because in the end, every student deserves to be heard.


The Justice Fellowship is a digital mentorship program that focuses on students whose work centers around social justice, politics, and related ventures. The Justice Fellowship is open to all students aged 13-18 who are based in the United States